Auto Service and Diesel Truck Repair

View a list of our auto ser­vice and diesel truck repair services:

  • Auto Repair Service
  • Annu­al Vehicle/DOT Inspections
  • Bat­ter­ies
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Brake Check, Brake Flu­id Flush, Brake Pad Replace­ment, Brake Repair, Brake Line Repair, and Brake Replacement
  • Car, Truck, and Motor Home Maintenance
  • Com­plete Light and Medi­um Diesel Repair
  • Diesel Engine Repair
  • Diesel Truck Repair
  • Dri­ve Lines
  • Elec­tri­cal Systems
  • Exhaust
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Heating/ Air Conditioning
  • Lube, Oil, & Fil­ter Change
  • Pre­ven­ta­tive Maintenance
  • Steer­ing and Suspension
  • Sys­tems
  • Tire Sales and Tire Repair
  • Trans­mis­sion Repair, Trans­mis­sion Replace­ment, Stan­dard Trans­mis­sion Rebuild
  • Tune ups
  • Vehi­cle Diagnostics

Auto service Full Tune Up Car Service

A tune up is not just about renew­ing spark plugs. At North Free­dom Repair, we check your PCV valve, fuel fil­tra­tion, air fil­ter, and spark plug wires. We also check all the belts, look for oil leaks, and check the
con­di­tion of the engine.

While you are get­ting this ser­vice done, it is a good time to get the fuel sys­tem cleaned. Get­ting your fuel sys­tem cleaned will help the per­for­mance of your vehicle.
It will bring about a bet­ter start up, bet­ter fuel mileage, and of course increase the longevi­ty of your start­ing system.

You should get this ser­vice done to your vehi­cle between sev­en­ty five to hun­dred thou­sand miles. Keep in mind that all vehi­cles are dif­fer­ent and some may need it soon­er. Please feel free to stop in or call to have a us take look for you.

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